Outdoor Bubble Show

This show is based on the premise of people being able to run, jump, and chase the various giant bubbles I will create. Not a “sit and watch “ kind of a show, although some people are content to do just that. Kids and bubbles will be moving in all directions as the wind changes.

Main Requirements

  1. Large open area free of chairs, tables, trees, etc. Grass works best.
    No overhead obstacles like power lines.
  2. Good weather. Strong wind and high heat will negatively affect the quality of the show.
  3. Flexibility in choosing where I set up my equipment. Weather conditions on show day will determine the best place for me. A stage or under a canopy/tent will not work.
  4. I will need to park my car as close as possible to my performance area.

I will wear a mask, not enter your building, and remain distanced from people. If you like, you can mail my payment to me.