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Outdoor Bubble Show – Limited availability as I transition to doing mostly indoor shows.

Very different than my indoor show. Based on the premise of people being able to run, jump, chase, pop, and play with the various sized giant bubbles and blizzards I create. I also teach people how to blow bubbles inside these giants. When it gets windy, I use a special tool called a garland that creates hundreds of softball sized bubbles (a bubble blizzard) in just a few seconds that I shoot at the crowd. Also, I may be able to throw in a few small bubble hand tricks if the the wind dies down briefly. Please note that putting a person inside a bubble is not part of my outdoor show. I prefer to book outdoor shows that have an indoor option in case of bad weather.

My Arrival

I will arrive about one hour early to set up. I prefer to unload my car at the same spot I will be performing at. I like to meet with my client, or their agent, to pick the best area for my show. Wind speed and direction, proximity to food and craft vendors, over head obstacles, sunlight, etc., all figure in.

An outdoor stage would not usually work for my show.

Set Up

I begin by erecting my short, temporary, 20 ft. diameter, circular fencing using orange safety cones and orange safety tape. This is my performance area. There needs to be plenty of room outside this fencing for people to run, chase, and pop the bubbles. I may invite a few people to come into my performance area to use my tools to make some giant bubbles themselves. Takes me about 30 minutes to pack up and be gone.

I can put on a great show any time of day, weather permitting. Please know this, though: There are two times of the day that are usually the best times for making the biggest and longest lasting giant bubbles. Before noon and after 6:00 PM. Generally, humidity is highest and wind is lowest at these times. Ideal for my outdoor show which usually lasts 45-60 minutes.