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Indoor Bubble Show

This interactive show is for people age 4 to 104.

I will perform bubble magic, illusions, and sculptures.

It is critical there be no moving air in my performance area. Any fan, heat vent, air conditioner, etc., blowing on me would make it difficult to do my show.

My prices vary a bit depending on time of year, nature of event, number of people, and travel distance. I do not charge a separate mileage fee.

My Arrival

  1. I will arrive about one hour before my start time and will need immediate access to my performance area.
  2. I need to be able to push my 4 wheeled cart  from my car to my set up area without any stairs along the way. This eliminates most private homes due to porch, patio, and basement steps.
  3. My performance area needs to be at least 8 ft. X 15 ft. I will tape a tarp down to catch any drips. More room is better.
  4. I will need access to an electrical outlet.

The Performance

  1. Generally, lasts 45-60 minutes.
  2. I will ask for audience volunteers to help me do a few tricks. The show usually ends with me putting someone inside a giant bubble.

3. Takes me about 30 minutes to pack up and be gone.