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Indoor Bubble Show

Please know that my indoor bubble show is very different than my outdoor show. It’s much like a magician’s stage act except it’s all about bubbles! It is critical there be no moving air in my performance area.

I will create bubble sculptures, do sleight of hand, and ask for volunteers from the audience to assist me. I sometimes use background music as I perform.

My Arrival

  1. I will arrive about one hour before my start time and will need immediate access to my performance area.
  2. I will be pushing a 4 wheeled cart and need to get it as close as possible to my area.
  3. My performance area needs to be at least 8 ft. X 10 ft. I will lay a tarp down to catch any drips. More room is better.
  4. I may need access to an electrical outlet.

The Performance

  1. Generally, lasts 45-60 minutes.
  2. If the lighting can be dimmed for about 10 minutes, I’ll be able to create some lighted bubble sculptures.

Takes me about 30 minutes to pack up and be gone.