Indoor Entertainment for Corporate Events

Ben Jimenez is one of the few professional soap bubble artists in the United States today. His show for corporate events contains segments, effects, and tools not seen in his shows for children and families.

Depending on the exact conditions of a performance venue, he will perform all, or some of, the following at your indoor cocktail reception, award ceremony, convention, luncheon, holiday gathering, etc.

  1. Create intricate sculptures with moving parts and smoke bubbles.
  2. Perform sleight of hand and magic.
  3. Make giant bubbles and blow smaller bubbles inside them.
  4. In a darkened room, he will use a translucent table top that is illuminated from underneath, to create lighted, glowing, table top sculptures. A very cool, rarely seen effect.
  5. The ” Bubble Window ” – a special show segment that utilizes a rectangular window with a micro-thin film of bubble juice instead of glass. Makes for some extremely cool, rarely seen, tricks, illusions, and sculptures.
  6. Put people inside a giant bubble.
  7. Ask for audience volunteers to help with a few tricks.

Humor and audience participation are part of every show I do.