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Fountaindale Public Library District

June 26, 2014

Dear Mr. Jimenez:

Thank you so much for bringing your Bubble Show to our library patrons today. This was the first time I went to one of the big performances at the Annerino Center. What a crowd! I really appreciate that you adapted to the audience as it kept growing and made sure that every child had the best possible view of what you were doing. A few parents also mentioned to me that they were very grateful you brought your own sound equipment to ensure that everyone could hear.

The children were fascinated by the intricate things you could do with bubbles: putting bubbles inside each other, building up a structure and making it spin, and filling bubbles with wispy smoke. The giant bubbles made everyone very excited! The children especially loved that you gave them a chance to participate, both making bubbles and being inside bubbles. I am including a couple of pictures of happy audience members.

I am really glad that you showed and explained some of the tricks to working with bubbles. Some of the older children are probably going to go outside and experiment to see what they can create. Thank you for putting on such a wonderful show!

Sarah Dolley